3 Turn Productions was founded by a computer scientist and is, at its core, a software service provider. Process is our passion and we assert that by applying the right process to each task within a project, we can deliver quality software on schedule and on budget.

We at 3 Turn Productions believes that a company is only as good as the people who work for it. Founded by a former chair of the International Game Developers Association Quality of Life committee, 3 Turn Productions is committed to developing games in a sustainable manner which allows its developers a well rounded life.

We believe that a person's contribution to the company is not measured in hours sitting at a desk or in an office. We know that inspiration comes at the oddest moments and if we don't allow our work force those odd moments, we will be sorely lacking in inspired product.

We are firm believers in distributed development. The founder of 3 Turn Productions has managed distributed teams in both the game industry and in the enterprise software industry with great success. See our blog on the challenges and rewards of distributed development.